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For the past four weeks, I've taken a hiatus from this blog. I'd like to think my reason(s) for not writing was legitimate, but truthfully, I got lazy. But hello! Welcome back. The past four weeks have been filled with lessons and practice teaching. We learned about Chakras, (successfully!) taught a community class, and have been surrounded by an unreal amount of love and support. 

Today, we had our last day of CorePower Yoga Teacher Training. I've been trying to figure out how to put my feelings from today into words. The best way, I think, would be to use the words written on stones each student chose as a parting gift from our incredible lead instructor, Khushbu.

  • Harmony: Yoga and teacher training have created a harmonious flow between my physical and mental yoga practice. 
  • Peace: The goal. Always the goal. Bliss, Samadhi. What I will never stop working towards in my practice. 
  • Compassion: Teacher training has allowed me to be more compassionate at first glance. At the start of TT, most of my peers and I had no idea who each other was. We shared stories and allowed ourselves to be vulnerable. My compassion for others grew quickly and continues to evolve. 
  • Positivity: I still struggle with this. I want to stay positive and bring light to my practice. But I also know that I won't be able to get there every class. Being able to accept that fact is enough. I am enough. 
  • Connection: I feel so connected to this journey and to the wonderful, talented, incredible people I had the pleasure of sharing it with. 
  • Fearless: I have plenty of fears. What's important is that I always surround myself with the right support to help me up when I'm down. The knowledge of my fearless people always being around me is more than enough. 
  • Courage: It took a lot of courage for me to sign up for this. After ten years of practice and an increasing anxiety condition, it seemed like a rational next step. I hope to continue being brave and taking the right steps to get me to where I want to be. 
  • Love: I love this practice. I love the people I practice with. I loved these past eight weeks and will hold onto this experience wherever I take my practice. 

In teacher training, I found a community different from what I've had before. We all ended up in the same place because yoga made us feel good. We finished the program because we want to spread that light to others. 

Next stop: Extensions!