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If you don't want someone to find something, hide it in the present.

I hate Winter. I can't stand the cold, the bare trees, shoveling myself out of the snow, and the wet, muddy, freezing slush that covers all running trails. The days are shorter and darker, and all I can think about is speeding up time. I wish I could skip through the three months of ice. But living in the future or past is no way to live. As the world-renowned Edna Mode once said, "I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now."

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Day 11 was the first day I taught yoga in front of a group of people. Granted, it was a round-robin-style class and I was only teaching for about five minutes. Even so, the experience was exhilarating. I was nervous—we all were—but it was incredible once we actually started. Each day that I attend teacher training, I am granted with another affirmation that I am meant to be here. So, for the second Saturday of teacher training, I brought a new mentality to the table: be grateful.

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I'd like to start this post with how I was feeling yesterday: blocked. The negative energy coursing through my body was extreme, and my mind felt like the wires were crossed. I left work early, going home to sleep for two hours before waking up and diving right into my practice. It was nice out, so I grabbed my mat and went outside, looking for a way to unravel the knots. I had seen a ton of posts of yogis using Camel Pose as a way of opening up, so I gave it a try.

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Today, I learned that I have been doing one of the most foundational poses incorrectly. Chaturanga, short for Chaturanga Dandasana and translated to "High to Low Plank", is usually repeated dozens of times in each class. During teacher training this afternoon, we went through the movement as part of the Sun Salutation A series along with the Integration and Intention series.

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Journey To Teacher Training

In two days, I’m starting my eight week journey from yoga student to yoga teacher.

Two days.

It’s been ten years since I went to my first yoga class with my mom. I can’t tell you what we practiced, where my hands stopped on my way to touching my feet in forward fold, or where the class was. But I can confidently say that taking that first class changed me. I might not have walked out feeling exhilarated, I didn’t come out with any realizations about the way I was living my life, I didn’t connect to some higher being. But that first class has led me to this point, two days away from something that will deepen my practice into something much bigger.

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